Hi! My name is Randee. I am thrilled you decided to come to this space to learn not only about my art, but the person behind the art.


I started Love and Latkes in 2019 with Hanukkah themed chocolate treats as well as Hanukkah decor. Just like life is a series of trials and errors, the same applies to Love and Latkes. I found myself continually searching for the right intersection of my talents and desires, as well as providing more of what my wonderful followers kept asking me to create. 


In 2021, during a serendipitous closet clean out in my studio, I found the smashed glass from my wedding day. I couldn’t bring myself to throw the glass out (too sentimental and superstitious for that), so naturally I researched ideas for glass preservation. If I told you that I used my own wedding glass for the trial pieces of art pieces, would you believe me? I did! Truthfully, I don’t recommend using your personal artifact for sample art mediums. However, I hope it shows you how confident I am when it comes to creating (and yes, those first pieces are in use and displayed in my home). 


Today, Love and Latkes is an artifact preserving art service. You smash the glass under the chuppah and I transform the glass shards into art. Did someone say handmade matzah covers? I also design and create items for Jewish Holidays. Let me know when you find those at Target. 


I am a mom, daughter, sister, wife, friend, aunt, teacher, and artist. I am funny, sarcastic, and love a good outfit. I believe in spending your short time on this Earth doing the things that bring you the most joy. For me, creating is my happy place. 


What do I love besides creating (and latkes)? I love Pickleball, my adorable dog, coffee, and a good book.